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Salmon Protectors Robes Project

Salmon Protectors Robes Project Objectives:

  • Using our art form to raise awareness of the need to protect the Chilkat River Watershed and the salmon for our own benefit as humans, not just in the village, or the local population,  but for all the people who enjoy Chilkat Salmon worldwide, as well as all the other birds, animals, trees, and other plant life that benefit from the salmon;

  • Foster cross-cultural understanding and relationships and further an appreciation for the Native culture in this area;

  • Strengthen the legacy of weaving in the Chilkat Valley through cross-generational transference of knowledge and skills;

  • Tell the story of the need to protect the river in our own way, a “Native Lens” as coined by the NACF, by using the art form and wisdom of our ancestors that has been handed down through stories and our common cultural experience.

Native Arts & Culture Foundation 
Shift Grant Objectives

  • Impact social change issues through a Native lens,

  • drawing increased attention to Native communities, perspectives, and challenges,

  • shifting a national narrative of invisibility, misunderstanding and misappropriation,

  • supporting or focusing on efforts that are built upon community cultural assets, resilience, and strengths.

Chilkat Weaving Documentary Teaser

Apprentice Weavers

Carrie Durr

Carrie Durr is the granddaughter of Edith Jacpuot, who was one of Jennie Thlunaut's students and was one of the weavers on the Klukwan Healing Robe.  I spend many hours weaving along side of Edith on the Healing Robe and it is an honor to work with her granddaughter Carrie, too.

Cheri Martin

Cheri Martin took a number of traditional arts classes that I organized as the Executive Director or Cultural Education Lead at  the Jilkaat Kwaan Heritage Center,

Cheri showed her determination to learn, and it was clear that she took pride in her work and always did her best when she took on a project.  Cheri also apprenticed with me several years ago and completed the Thunderbird Sisters' Robe under a National Park Service Grant. Cheri and my daughter Katrina were also born on the same day and are the same age. 

Gwen Sauser

Gwen Sauser is the great-granddaughter  of Jennie Thlunaut and Jennie Thlunaut's mother learned how to weave from my great-great grandmother Saantaas', so history is repeating itself,  in a sense.